Celebrate Warmer Weather With A Spring Playlist

Winter is finally over! That means warmer weather, more daylight, and finally retiring your parka. As spring begins to make a stronger appearance, you’ll need to update your music playlists to match the mood. It’s time for a spring playlist. Luckily, super talented artists like Lorde, Sampha, and Calvin Harris have you covered. For those who are looking for freshly picked tunes to bump during the rest of the spring semester, look no further. Here’s a specially curated playlist that’s perfect for any student trying to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Knetbooks Spring Student Playlist

  1. Nightcrawler- ZHU
  2. Green Light- Lorde
    • For those who think of Lorde and envison darkness and saddness, you might be surprised with this pop-esque hit. It’s almost impossible not to dance along with the music. Even the New Zealand singer herself can’t stop in the music video.Spring Playlist - Lorde
  3. Slide- Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos
    • Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos walk into a bar… and create an uber catchy song that cleverly combines Harris’s production with rap verses that are intrinsically Migos. Even more, the melodies can clearly be attributed to Frank Ocean. The song was already rated by Pitchfork as a best new track. You have to listen to believe it.
      Spring Playlist - Calvin Harris
  4. Too Late to Fixate- Conor Oberst
  5. Third Day of May- Odaigahara- Fleet Foxes
  6. Sweet- Little Dragon
  7. Surreal- Louis Futon, RKCB
  8. Total Entertainment Forever- Father John Misty
  9. Darling- Real Estate
  10. Blossom- Milky Chance
  11. American Teen- Khalid
  12. Die Young- Sylvan Esso
  13. Chanel- Frank Ocean
  14. Nothing, Not Nearly- Laura Marling
  15. Selfish- Future, Rhianna
  16. Show You the Way- Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins
  17. Chasing Colors- Marshmello, Ookay, Noah Cyrus
    • Say hello to Noah, Miley Cyrus’s younger, but nonetheless super talented sister. Noah is stacking her resume up with hits, recently collaborating with Labrinth on the song Make Me (Cry).
      Spring Playlist - Marshmello
  18. Big Picture (THRDL!FE Remix)- London Grammar, THRDL!FE
  19. My Emotions are Blinding- Tennis
  20. It Ain’t Me- Kygo, Selena Gomez 
    • The hype leading up to this song was incredibly worth it. Kygo’s tropical beats supporting Gomez’s melodic voice produced an enchanting and heartbreaking song about loss and moving on. Listen, cry, dance.
      Spring Playlist - Kygo
  21. Love Incredible- Cashmere Cat, Camila Cabello
  22. Kinda Bonkers- Animal Collective
  23. Basically- STRFKR
  24. My Old Man- Mac Demarco
  25. Falling- Alesso
  26. When I Get There- Big Wild
  27. Blood on Me- Sampha

Spring is here! Celebrate the end of the semester with this fun, energetic spring playlist that is sure to have you stepping to the beat. If you want to listen to these songs in order, click the link at the top of this list to hear it on Spotify. Not a fan of this genre of music? Let us know what you prefer to hear in the comments below!

How to Make Your Own Infused Waters

Healthy Waterimage source 

It’s no surprise that my Pinterest feed these past few weeks have consisted of colorful bikinis, floral prints, pastel colors, and spring décor. But my favorite trend of the season? Infused water.

For the longest time I couldn’t bring myself to drink water, it was just so bland compared to my favorite fizzy soda pop flavors. However, last semester a friend of mine introduced me to infused water, and I was instantly hooked. Infused water helps make staying hydrated fun, offers a dose of essential vitamins, gently cleanses your body and works as a natural skin care. But, the best part about it all? It’s such a quick and easy process, it takes just under 5 minutes to prepare!

Making your own infused water is quick and simple! Here’s how to make your own infused water:

Step 1: Fill a pitcher with water,

Step 2: add thinly sliced fruits, herbs or spices and ice

Step 3: chill in the refrigerator.

For stronger flavored water, prepare it a day ahead and keep it in the fridge overnight before drinking, The fruit should stay fresh as long as you keep your water refrigerated, and should be consumed in 3-5 days. That’s it! No fancy gadgets or confusing recipe cards, it’s simple as 1,2,3.

Here are a some infused water recipes that make will make your taste buds sing…

 – Raspberry +  lemon  +  mint

 – Strawberry  +  Kiwi

Lemon  +  cucumber  +  mint

 – Blackberry  +  cherry  +  lime

 – Orange  +  lemon  +  lime

 – Strawberry + Lime + Mint

We’re always on the hunt for new flavor combinations, so snap a photo of your beautiful beverage on Instagram or tweet us your favorite recipe on twitter by using #tastebuddanceparty



Fruit Infused Waterimage source



Let’s be honest, we all know you’ve been counting down the days until Spring Break since the beginning of the semester, shoot I know I have. Well Guess what Amigos and Amigas?  SPRING BREAK HAS FINALLY ARRIVED.  (Insert crazy happy dance) Please pardon my excitement, but the thought of no lectures or due dates for an entire week just makes my brain sigh in relief. I’m ready to feel the warm of the sun on my skin, catch up with friends, and sleep…a lot.

What better way to get pumped for this upcoming week than with a spring break mix tape?! With guest appearances from Lorde, BANKS, American Authors and more, this mix tape is designed to help melt the snow away.

Bring on the fun.

WARNING: This playlist might give you a case of Spring Fever.  Symptoms include: Procrastination, Day Dreaming and Happiness.

Why You Should Spend a Beautiful Day Inside

Spring is finally in the air. The days are longer, the temperature is warmer, and the sun is here to stay. Now that summer is right around the corner, it’s hard to resist spending the day outside. However, before you head out into the sunshine for the next few months, taking a day to do some cleaning and organizing from the months you’ve spent inside the house will be well worth it.
Spring Cleaning

The transition from winter to summer is a great opportunity to de-clutter your life. We spend so much time inside during the winter months, and thanks to the holiday season we have a tendency to accumulate more than we need. The summer redirects our attention from our material items indoors, to the simple beauty of the outdoors.

Trading out your thick winter sweater for a t-shirt and pair of shorts can be the greatest feeling in the world. While switching out your wardrobe this spring, take the time to go through and get rid of those winter clothes you haven’t worn in years. Also consider getting rid of those gifts you received that you know you have no use for. Then, take advantage of the nice weather and have a garage sale. You’ll be able to enjoy the weather outside while getting rid of your old things and making a little extra money. Have old books lying around? You can sell those too!


Summertime also rejuvenates our spirit to tackle new projects. If you’re looking for something to do, check out websites like Pinterest or OrgJunkie for fun ideas that will help you organize the items you do have, in fun and unique ways. If you don’t have any need to de-clutter, take time just freshening up your house. Pull back your curtains to let the sun in, and spend your day vacuuming, dusting, and trading out your warm winter sheets for a lighter, more colorful set. Having a clean and organized home will allow you to enjoy the summer even more.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be dreaded. If you use our tips above you can face summer head on with an organized home, a little extra cash in your pocket, and a few new projects to get working on!

What do you do to get organized for the Summer? Let us know in the comments.

The Perfect Spring Hairstyles

Spring is in the air, and you can show it with your hair! Now that it’s warmer out, we no longer need to let our hair shield our neck and ears from the cold. Compliment your perfect spring and summer outfits with these fun and easy hairdos

1.     No Blow Dry Required

It’s the hot time of the year, so why should you torture yourself with straightening irons or blow driers? One of the biggest trends for the season is the slick backed or glistening look. It’s as easy as it sounds. Leave the shower, maybe do a quick towel dry and brush through your locks and presto, you have your look. You can comb it back into an up-do, comb it back and leave it down, or just let your hair naturally tousle down your back. The perfect no-fuss hair-do that will also keep you cool.

2.     Swim with the Fishes

The fish tail braid is perfect year round, but huge for the summer! Not only does it have the messy, beachy feel to it, but it will keep your hair our of your face and off your neck while you lounge in the summer sun. It’s a lovely twist on a classic style. Even better, it’s adaptable into a variety of other styles, so you can stand out among the crowds!

3.     Better than French Fries

This season is all about the French twist. This easy hair-do will take your usual messy bun to a new level of glam and elegance—perfect for internships or a day at the beach that transitions into a nice dinner. The look can be casual, professional or flirty depending on how you twist your hair and any other fun elements (like side braids) you add. The basic twist is literally 1-2-3: pull your hair back from your face, twist if up and around your head as you’d like and then pin, pin, pin.

4.     Bad Hair Day? Accessorize!

Hats aren’t the only cure for bedhead not willing to go your way. The hair wrap is a new trend in hair hiding or accessorizing this spring season. Don’t feel like taking the time with an elaborate up-do? Pair it with a great scarf or wrap and you’ll instantly have the extra oomf factor. You can cover as much or as little hair as you like, with a whole scarf covering almost all of your hair or a thinner headband like version tied up over your bangs. Take a look back to the past with this retro look.

5.     Waves aren’t just for the Ocean

Like pretty much every spring/summer season, waves and tousled hair is totally in! If you have naturally curly hair, just let it do it’s thing. If it’s straight, curl 1 inch sections of hair  and pull them apart to make it more wavy and loose. Combine this with the also trendy side part or even hair wrap, and you will be one good looking fashionista!

And if you really can’t take the heat or the bother with your hair, the pixie cut is huge this season (let’s give a special thanks to the lovely Emma Watson for that one!). Be bold, be daring, be stylin’!


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Spring Activities to Enjoy

Alright, it’s officially springtime! In many places, it even feels like summer already. Because of this recent wave of hot weather, everyone should get outside and soak up some vitamin D! Here are a few ideas of things to do in this beautiful sunshine.

My first thought this spring was to go to baseball games! Nothing is more relaxing than cheering on your schools baseball team on a beautiful day. Not only will you get naturally tan by sitting at a game for three hours, you will have fun as well. Also, baseball games offer a lot of really good food. I love ballpark hotdogs and brats. Get out there and support your school’s ball team.

Another idea for this hot weather is a grill out. If your school doesn’t have grills on campus, try a local park or camp ground. The old fashioned way is fun with a bonfire and a stick too if you can find somewhere to do it. Once the grill gets going it officially smells like summer. Enjoy a night on the patio or out at the park with your closest friends.

Recently, my friends have started to have a lot of fun playing sand volleyball. If your school doesn’t have a sand volleyball court, try setting up a net in a park or open area. Volleyball is great because it gets you active, allows you to soak up some rays, and it can get competitive. Bring along an Ihome or radio if possible, it adds to the atmosphere. Other ideas for getting competitive could include a pick-up game of softball, football, or even Frisbee.

For you music lovers, check out what concerts are coming to your area. Once the weather gets nice, there are always festivals and fairs which also include performers! Although they might not be performing until it’s officially summer, it’d be a good idea to get tickets now. Not only will you for sure get in the door if you buy tickets early, but you will have more time to make a homemade t-shirt for the show! ☺

If you enjoy the outdoors, find a local river or lake where public fishing is allowed. Some of my friends and I enjoy fishing on nice days. Fishing is especially fun when you take a couple close friends along, and a picnic basket or cooler. Try packing some homemade treats or trail mix to enjoy while you fish. If you turn it into an all-day event, it can be very rewarding. You might just have free food for a few days!

If your city has a nice downtown or shopping center, try shopping there instead of the mall. On nice days, it’s fun to be able to walk outside between stores. When you need a bite to eat, try a restaurant with outdoor seating, the overall atmosphere is awesome, especially downtown. Sometimes popular downtowns such as these even include street performers, which are always fun to watch.

This spring, try to get out as much as possible and enjoy this extra warm weather. It’s been unusually warm so far which means we can start our summer fun early!

-Speedy G.

Turn Your Dorm Room into a Cozy Oasis

College can seem secluded at times; especially when your living in a dorm room with prison cell walls, a dirty clothes smell, and a view out the window that reminds you of well…school. Summer memories dance through your head and you’d give anything for a sandy beach and the smell of fresh salt water. If this describes you, the perfect get away is in order! Don’t wait until spring break! All you need is a little bit of free time, $30, some creativity, and a little determination.

First, put all those old magazines to use! Flip through and find your favorite pictures, quotes, or ads to cut out. After cutting out the images apply a little double stick tape to the back and collage them onto your boring white walls. Another way to spice up those sad walls is a decal! They are easy to apply and very affordable. Target has a wide variety ranging from chandeliers to quotes ($12.99- $24.99). Finally, after you finish decorating your walls, sit back and admire the beauty in what once was a dreary dorm room.

Step two, smell fresh! Reed diffusers can give your room the splash of freshness that it needs and are a much safer alternative to burning scented candles! They are sold in tons of scents from clean linen to vanilla, and everything in-between. They cost around $15 and last for a long time. If your diffuser runs dry simply buy the refill oil for only $5 and feel free to experiment with a new scent! They are a much more appealing product than the plastic air fresheners and they last longer.

Finally, it is time to improve that view out of your window! There are a variety of curtains out there for a variety of people. They come in about every color, tons of different materials, and different lengths. If you’re looking for something a little more fun they are also offered in animal prints, sequins, and patterns. If you want your curtains to still allow light into the room look for a sheer fabric.  If you want to sleep all day you can also find “blackout” curtains that will keep your room nice and dark no matter what time of day it is!

After turning your dorm room into a cozy oasis, enjoy your getaway!

-Speedy G.

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