studying with your smartphone

Must Have Apps for College Students

Got a Smartphone?  It seems like this line has replaced the old Got Milk? phrase.  Although iPhones and Driods and other smartphones have had a bad rep when it comes to their effect on education, there are ways to put your phone to good use in the classroom and library.

Since all college students seem to be on a budget of some sort, I will narrow the list of best apps to have in college (to use productively) by only sharing the free apps.

gFlash+ Flashcards and Tests: This has been named the best free flashcard app! Instead of carrying around big stacks of flashcards, they can all be on your phone.  Yes, those thick clumps of flashcards do make you look smart, but so do a pair of non-prescription glasses.  Plus, this app will gain you hipster points as it is an eco-friendly alternative to using all those index cards and ink.  This app will not only let you create and edit your flashcards, but you can download information from a Google Docs Spreadsheet, add images and sound clips, track your improvement and more.

College getting expensive?  Interested in topics other than your major/minor but have no time to fit them into your schedule?  iTunes U provides full access to free courses created by top notch professors at real universities.  Even Ivy League quality courses are available.  This app gives you access to audio, video, books, documents, presentations… all of the course materials.  Just don’t get too lost in the app and miss the classes you’ve paid for!

Evernote is a mobile app that works across the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm Pre and is web sync friendly.  Taking notes has never been easier, but instead of just textual information, add voice, photos, locations and tags.  Using an electronic version of note taking gives you the ability to share information with peers, professors, and friends.

College students have been stereotyped to know nothing about current events and more than enough about pop culture.  Instead of getting into the statistics of how uninformed we are, let’s just start a new trend and make a news source our homepages.  Whether it be CNN, BBC, or Huffington Post, download a free news source app to stay in the know.

So you and your friends are looking to get off campus but you’re not sure where to go.  Download Urbanspoon to see all of the restaurants in the area.  You can narrow your search down by price, distance, and/or type of cuisine.  They are paired with Google Maps to be sure that you do not get lost getting there.  They also provide information about the restaurant such as how many others liked it, the phone number to call for a reservation, etc.

Quick! You have class in ten minutes!  Get up! Get Dressed! Wait, what’s the weather like?  What should I wear?  The Swackett app helps you decide what clothes are weather appropriate for today.  This app reminds me of a mother telling a schoolchild to grab an umbrella or put on a warm coat before rushing out the door.


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