Fall Fashion 2012

It’s officially back to school time and everyone wants to look fresh! Starting the year off in style is a great way to gain confidence and a cool way to begin a new semester. I’ve noticed a lot of fun trends this fall that I thought would be a good idea to share with all of you.

One of the biggest trends this fall is going to be the colored jeans. Jeans are coming in just about any color imaginable these days. Some of my favorites are the hot pink, white, and bright yellow. Owning colorful jeans is great because it expands your wardrobe in a quick and easy way. When wearing a colorful pair of jeans you add a pop to your outfit and you don’t even need an elaborate shirt. Pair your colored jeans with a basic v neck t-shirt for an easy going, yet cool look.

Flats are back! This semester girls will be sporting anything from Vans to Toms to Sperry’s. Not only are each of these adorable, they’re incredibly comfortable too. Pair your favorite pair of stylish flats with a pair of cuffed jeans and a simple t-shirt.  Enjoy benefiting of walking all over campus in maximum comfort and style.

Un-styled hair is in! The messy look is back and most college girls are digging it. The look saves you time and it gives an effortlessly cool untamed vibe. If you have curly hair, let it curl. If you have wavy hair, bring on the wave. If you have straight hair, shake it out. The key is to let your mane be in charge of its own destiny. If you feel the need for some product a couple spritzes of hairspray of some surf spray should handle it. This look is best sported after a shower and bought to its full potential with a blow dryer. The best news about all of this is there aren’t any bobby pins, teasing, or frustration required!

This fall is going to be cool, effortless, and colorful. Try out some of these laid back styles soon and be prepared to look awesome when you return to campus!

Killer Summer Nail Designs

It’s easy to put together a totally killer outfit and neglect what your nails look like. But any outfit ranking in at a 7, can easily become a 10 with these awesome—and easy—nail designs. So, jazz up your nails with these fun ideas!

1. Acid Wash Jeans?

Do you love the look of your acid wash jeans? Ever consider doing that to your nails? Luckily, you can—and you don’t even need acid. Start with a layer of blue nail polish, whatever shade you’d like. Make sure you also add a top coat to protect the blue. Next, paint on some white nail polish and allow it to dry without a top coat this time. Now, grab your nail polish remover and with a q-tip, carefully and lightly rub away at your white layer of polish. This might take some practice to avoid taking off the blue, but you have 10 nails to perfect this design with!

2. Catch Up on Current Events

Interning at a newspaper or magazine this summer? Get newsy! You’ll need newspaper clippings, rubbing alcohol, and your nail polish. Start with a layer of white—though you can use any solid color you want, if you’re not going for the strict newspaper look. Put your nail in the rubbing alcohol for 5 seconds once it’s dry. Put your newspaper on the nail with the print facing down towards the nail, and gently rub. Peel off the newspaper and voila! If you don’t like how it looks, simply wipe the print away with a cotton ball and try again. Finish with a top coat to secure this stylish news look.

3. Summer Melon

If you like watermelon, this is the nail design for you, perfect for a summer BBQ. Start with a pink base, and paint a bright green tip—just like you would for a French tip, but more colorful. Make black dots under the tip and with the help of a toothpick or your nail wand, stretch the dots into elongated ovals to look like seeds. Then, with a light green polish (you’ll probably want to get a nail pen for this one), make little squiggles on your green tip. Finger lickin’ good!

4. Get Formal

Does anyone remember Zooey Deschanel’s fabulous tuxedo nails from the Golden Globes? Now you can recreate that look with ease! Begin with a simple white nail. Make your bow tie at the base, by making two pacman like squiggles with a dot of black in between—you can also change the color of your bow tie! Depending on the length of your nail, make at least three more dots down the middle of your nail (shirt buttons). Finally, just like a French tip, paint a black tip. This is a fun look for any formal event.

5. Sponge On, Sponge Off

By using a makeup sponge, you can create countless swirled looks with any colors you want. Start with any color base you want—this is better for a light color so you can build on top of it without making the new colors look strange. Then sponge on your additional colors, making sure to have some of the base and prior colors showing through. To avoid putting on too much polish, apply the polish to the sponge and dab some off on a tissue or paper before applying. This way you won’t end up with globs of nail polish and ruin your lovely swirl pattern.

These are just a few of my favorite, fun nail designs that don’t take a lot of time to perfect and always look great. Experiment, have fun and be prepared for all of your friends to ask you for manicures!

– ToonyToon

Must Have Summer Beauty Products

Summer is a special time of year. There are a few special products that every girl should own during this time of year. I’m here to share my top three favorite beauty secrets to keep fresh and pretty during these summer months!

My first must have for the summer is a good surf spray. Surf spray is perfect for a sexy beach look. It works for any type of hair. My hair is naturally stick straight but the spray I use works like magic. Herbal Essences “Tousle Me Softly” spray gel is my secret. You simply spray your hair after its been towel dried only. Then, while blow drying move your hair in a crunching motion. Afterwards, I always finish my hair off with TRESemme level four hairspray.   This hairstyle is quick and super easy. It’s perfect for looking great fast when you’d rather be at the pool.

My next summer must have is Jergen’s Natural Glow. Jergen’s is great because it doesn’t streak but instead, helps you develop a natural looking tan over time. You can start to see effects of Jergen’s after a few days. It’s lightweight and also comes in moisturizer form for your face. Jergen’s now has a new lotion that’s called Jergen’s express. It’s sometimes a little more expensive but it creates the tan effect quicker than the original. I put Jergen’s on twice a day for a natural glow that’s unbeatable!

Lastly, everyone needs to go to Victoria’s Secret to get Face Prime. Face Prime is Victoria’s Secrets spray on make-up primer and setting spray. This stuff is amazing. You spray some on before you apply make-up and then one more time after you’ve applied make-up. It’s perfect for summer because it prevents make-up from bleeding and melting. For a flawless summer look, find this product near the checkout counter on the beauty towers.Summer is the time of year to look flawless! Go confidently with these three products in your bag. I personally love all three of these and can’t imagine a summer without all three of them! There are other brands of similar product, but these are the three that I personally use and love. I hope they help make your life a little happier and your attitude a little more confident. After all, summer is here!