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6 Bold Party Dress Trends

Fashion trends are constantly changing so keeping up with them is almost as difficult as trying to keep with the Kardashians! Here are six bold party dress trends that are set to dominate this summer’s fashion scene.

1. Metallics

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

This year’s spring/summer catwalks by designers like Louis Vuitton were covered in space-age silver. The color can make any woman turn heads at any special occasion!

2. Trompe-l’oeil

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

This new trend plays on the art form of tricking the eye into perceiving a painted detail as a three-dimensional object. This is a refreshing change to the typical party dress and will certainly speak to your inner artist.

3. Eighties Disco

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

Hedi Slimane (THE party dress designer) put on a show for Saint Laurent complete with glitter and sequins from the 1980s. Time to tease your hair and throw on a dress with a thigh-skimming hemline!

4. Fishnets

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

Fishnets were so in not too long ago and now you can keep wearing them! Revamp the look this summer with a castaway-chic net dress. Pair the look with a cute (and visible) bralet and underwear and some sandals on those warm summer nights.

5. Corsets

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

Corsets are known to be uncomfortable and old fashioned, but as of recently they have been designed to be a lot more comfortable and can be very tasteful when worn right. A corset dress hugs your curves in all the right places and is sure to catch the attention of your summer fling!

6. Cut-Aways

6 Bold Party Dress Trends

For those who dare, get those bronzed legs shaved because this year the thighs are out to play. The cut-away look can be really fierce, but be careful not to get a size to small or you may reveal more than you intended!

Enjoy being the topic of conversation at your summertime parties when you rock one of these bold party dress trends! Comment below with your favorite look!

Ways To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

We all love summer. Summer means a break from studies as well as a great time to hang out with friends and family. The only problem is that summer heat sometimes dampers your fun. These are some fun ways to stay cool in the heat!

summer heat - woman sweating

Freeze Fruit

summer heat -frozen fruit

Putting grapes, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc. into the freezer and freezing them is a great way to stay cool. There are plenty of uses for frozen fruit. It’s an easy snack to put out during a party or just a snack for yourself.

Water Spray

summer heat - spray bottle

Fans that spritz water are neat, but why would you spend a lot of money on something you could make at home? Go to the dollar store and buy a small spray bottle, fill it up with water and you’ve got a homemade one in a couple of dollars. For an extra something in your spray bottle, you can add a couple drops peppermint oil to create a cooling spray.

Summer Clothes

summer heat - summer clothes

This may seem like a silly tip to add, but we all wear clothes not made for summer sometimes. Whether it’s your favorite pair of jeans, or your lucky hoodie, it’s too hot. Try and stick to loose fabric, as well as more light weight fabric.

Drink a Lot of Water

summer heat - lots of water

If this is the only thing you take away from this post, that’s fine but seriously, drink more water. Most health agencies recommend a half a gallon of water a day, which equals out to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Now, in the heat, your body is sweating and you’re working harder, so it’s much easier to become dehydrated. Some benefits of drinking lots of water are staying healthy and hydrated during the summer months (and all year round for that matter).

Style for the Heat

summer heat - hair style

We all love our long hair, but in the summer it can put a damper on things. Your hair is a natural insulator, so when you have long hair, your head and neck are going to get really hot. So try some cute up-do styles to stay a little cooler.

Hopefully these tips help you enjoy the summer heat a little more!

Comment below with more suggestions on how to beat the summer heat!