It’s Football Season: Game Day Style

As much as I ADORE the summertime, and everything that comes with it, I always find myself craving cooler weather come September.  After months of hot and humid days, spending endless hours at the pool or lake, and late summer nights filled with friends and fun, relaxing fall afternoons complete with a mug of hot peppermint tea and a warm fleece blanket seem so appealing.

The Fall season means cozy scarves, pumpkin muffins, and of course, football season!  Although I will admit, basketball is my sport of choice, there’s something about a crisp Saturday afternoon of tailgating and cheering on your team that’s hard to beat.  Be comfy and cute at your next tailgate with these fall fashion trends.

1. Chunky sweaters.  Oversized knit sweaters are certainly a fall wardrobe staple, but instead of spending Friday’s paycheck on a new one, try raiding your boyfriend’s closet.  Bonus points if he has one in your team’s colors!  Roll up the sleeves, and add a neutral belt to give it more shape.  Pair with skinny jeans and your favorite boots, and you have yourself an effortlessly chic tailgating outfit!

2.  Scarves, scarves, scarves.  They’re easily my favorite fall fashion and go-to accessories on game days.  When the weather gets cold, the last thing I want to wear to a nighttime football game is a leg-barring dress or skirt.  Instead, I dress in dark jeans and warm layers, but add a bright blue scarf for a pop of my team’s color.  Change it up by tying your scarf in a braid or cute knot.  Visit tiemyscarf.com for dozens of tutorials on how to tie yours!

3.  Boot socks.  I think we can all agree that a great pair of brown or black leather boots can complete any fall look.  My fall class uniform consists of black leggings, warm sweatshirts, and my favorite brown riding boots.  This season, I’m excited to add some fun tall socks with my boots, to add a little interest to my look.  Find a pair with your team logo on it and be the cutest girl in the stadium!

What to Bring for a Perfect Football Tailgate

Tailgating is a great way to bring people together: eating, drinking, playing games, and cheering for the home team. Or if you’re anything like me, it’s about the experience and the fun. There’s something awesome about 30,000 people all having a great time on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It’s entertaining to watch and even more entertaining to be a part of. Whether you go to Alabama, Ohio State, or Florida Atlantic, tailgating is an American Pastime that most will fondly remember well past their rowdy college years. Here is what you should bring to have a perfect football tailgate.

An R.V.

An R.V. can solve many of the problems that go hand in hand with tailgating; like waiting 30 minutes to use a port-o-potty that probably requires a penicillin shot after use. It can also provide a vital safe haven for those suffering from “tailgating fatigue.” An R.V. will also allow you to watch the other football games while you wait for your team to kickoff.

A Grill

You just can’t tailgate without food. Most people stick to cooking the usual burgers and hot dogs, but this doesn’t mean you should settle for that! Slow cook some ribs for 3 to 4 hours (try Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce) and enjoy them after a day of corn hole or flip cup. You’ll thank me later.

A Football

Tossing around a football on game day is a common thing to do, even if your athletically challenged like myself. This is a great way to meet girls (try the “go long” scheme) and a great way to bond with your family or buddies.

Corn Hole Sets

This game is becoming increasingly popular for football fans because it’s fun, competitive, and doesn’t require much movement. It also allows you to play an entire game without setting down your drink.

Face Paint

Tailgating has become a competition lately, with every fan trying to prove their self as the ultimate football fan or ultimate tailgater. You must paint your face to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Besides, it’s harder to tell that you’ve been drinking all day when your face is painted red.

Your Family

Ok maybe grandma shouldn’t be around watching you party from noon to 8 PM. But when you have the opportunity to bring your family, do it. It will be a fun day that none of you will soon forget. Your parents may even surprise you with how fun they will can be once they get some school spirit in them! Bonus: They will probably help you pay for food and drinks. 🙂

Your Rowdy Friends

You know that guy that gets on your nerves because he uses his outside voice at all times? Bring him along with your tailgate crew. It’s easier to wander into new parties throughout the parking lot when you have a group of obnoxious fans. Don’t let a group of 70-year-old tailgaters party harder than you.