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Turn Your Dorm Room into a Cozy Oasis

College can seem secluded at times; especially when your living in a dorm room with prison cell walls, a dirty clothes smell, and a view out the window that reminds you of well…school. Summer memories dance through your head and you’d give anything for a sandy beach and the smell of fresh salt water. If this describes you, the perfect get away is in order! Don’t wait until spring break! All you need is a little bit of free time, $30, some creativity, and a little determination.

First, put all those old magazines to use! Flip through and find your favorite pictures, quotes, or ads to cut out. After cutting out the images apply a little double stick tape to the back and collage them onto your boring white walls. Another way to spice up those sad walls is a decal! They are easy to apply and very affordable. Target has a wide variety ranging from chandeliers to quotes ($12.99- $24.99). Finally, after you finish decorating your walls, sit back and admire the beauty in what once was a dreary dorm room.

Step two, smell fresh! Reed diffusers can give your room the splash of freshness that it needs and are a much safer alternative to burning scented candles! They are sold in tons of scents from clean linen to vanilla, and everything in-between. They cost around $15 and last for a long time. If your diffuser runs dry simply buy the refill oil for only $5 and feel free to experiment with a new scent! They are a much more appealing product than the plastic air fresheners and they last longer.

Finally, it is time to improve that view out of your window! There are a variety of curtains out there for a variety of people. They come in about every color, tons of different materials, and different lengths. If you’re looking for something a little more fun they are also offered in animal prints, sequins, and patterns. If you want your curtains to still allow light into the room look for a sheer fabric.  If you want to sleep all day you can also find “blackout” curtains that will keep your room nice and dark no matter what time of day it is!

After turning your dorm room into a cozy oasis, enjoy your getaway!

-Speedy G.

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