Taking Time Off

Imagine life in college without classes.  Seems like the dream right?  While taking time off from school seems like the new thing to do, there is a difference between doing it during collegiate years and taking some time off afterwards, known as a gap year.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to morph into a celebrity or athlete and run with the “stay in school kids” speech.  I’ll simply say that when the Celtics beat the Sixers to get to the Eastern Conference, they did it off Rondo’s momentum.

Now that I’ve been so convincing and you plan to finish your degree then take a gap year, what are you planning to do with your time?

Going home and living off Mom and Dad is as exciting as, well its not.  Plus, you are a college graduate.  Unfortunately, that does not hold as much weight in 2012 as it did when the first New College (now Harvard) graduates walked.  Even still, living financially independent is a step into becoming mature and adult (pronounced ah-dult).  Anything spending you do will be more appreciated and taken more seriously if you make the money yourself.  If you are planning to travel, why not take a few months to make the money first while you research where and what you will be doing.

There are tons of different ways to spend your gap year.  Colleen Kinder’s Delaying the Real World details hundreds of opportunities.  It is incredible how open the world really is to us; just because we don’t see the doors open to us does not mean they are not there.  Kinder’s book helps recent grads discover those doors.

The book does not simply list the options but is well organized and breaks up the information with real life examples, stories of ex-pats, those who have traveled with companies, and other adventurous alumni.

From teaching English abroad to biking across the country for a charity to interning abroad in your field, you can make your gap year be a time that will give you the excitement you crave while also giving you something to place on your resume.

Traveling is something that can set you apart from the crowd.  By traveling I don’t mean packing up the car and driving a state or two away.  Professional travel, working for a school, volunteering, interning abroad, etc. is an incredible talking point in interviews.  Plus, the travel will probably be more accepted by anyone who is helping to fund the trip…

No matter what you plan to do the summer before or after senior year, if you decided to take a gap year after college or get right down to business, remember that there is only one time in your life that you get to be the age you are.

– ToonyToon