The Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Break

Do Try Something Different – Why not mix things up?  Living outside your comfort zone is really the only way we can change and grow, huh?  Now, no one is advocating for anyone to do something completely crazy now, just something different.  Maybe taking a little road trip with friends or checking out that local, kind-of-touristy attraction that everyone has been talking about.  Go.  Wander.  Explore.

Don’t Spend Too Much – While some of your friends may be uploading picture after picture of themselves in Punta Cana and the Dominican, you can have an awesome spring break right where you are.  Taking a road trip to the nearest beach or lake or even relaxing in your own backyard with friends and family if the weather is nice enough.  Don’t let your friends pressure you into thinking that you need to spend a ton of money to enjoy spring break.  The whole purpose of this week is to relax, unwind and have some fun and who says you have to waste hours on a plane to do so.  There are fun day trips to take wherever you are, even if you believe where if you are is the most boring place in the world.  It might take some Google searching, but checking out your town from a new perspective can lead to some amazing finds.

Do Spend One Day Doing Work – Unfortunately, some professors are ruthless.  We all have assignments do right after spring break and who wants to come back from a week off to spend a full week in the library slaving away.  What’s a day on your laptop?  Nothing.  Plus, no one says you can’t do that homework outside in the sun?

Don’t Work Too Much – For a lot of people, spring break is the chance to get some more hours at work and to catch up on all those assignments you’ve been procrastinating that are due right after break.  Make that money, work your tail off, but don’t forget to  relax too.

Do Catch Up With People – Break is a time to catch up with friends and family.  Don’t forget that break is not only a time to take care of yourself, but to show them some love too! Although many schools have differing spring breaks, if you are free, why not visit a friend at a neighboring school?

Don’t Spend All Day Online – Go out, get active, be safe and have fun!


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