The Eight to Five Adjustment

Summers used to be filled with sidewalk chalk and lemonade stands.

I miss them both.

But, when you’re in college summers change.

Sure they are still supposed to be fun—we all deserve a break after a grueling semester. But, nine times out of ten you won’t find a college student lounging around all summer eating bonbons. Summer means work—a job, an internship, maybe even more school.

Gone are the days when you can eat snow cones by the pool.

We have to get up early, look presentable and head into work. And the hardest part, some of us don’t get to wait until 9:00am. Those days are gone too.

In life, the early bird gets the worm. The same goes for work.

These days, offices open earlier and close later. For us, that means getting to work sooner, and potentially staying later. Are you ready for that commitment, can you handle the extra hour?

When I started my internship three weeks ago, I wasn’t sure if I could. The idea of being somewhere at 8:00AM seemed daunting. That’s early.

If I wanted to look decent I needed to wake up early enough to get ready, but I also needed time to eat, and drive to work. It seemed like my sleeping time was getting slashed. Plus, there was something about the sound of 8-to-5 that didn’t have the same ring to it as 9-to-5.  Every day is going to seem like an eternity.

I discovered that there is a trick to making it through the day. It’s all about your mindset.

You have to mentally prepare yourself for your week and schedule a little variety into your days.

Here are my top tips to adjusting to a regular workday:

1) Get Enough Sleep. You already have to wake up early, don’t make it worse by staying up late. No one in the office wants a groggy Gary on the loose!

2) Have snacks, or little things to nibble on at your desk. If you lose focus, or start to feel sluggish a little pick me up is the perfect way to get back on track.

3) Drink plenty of water. It leaves you feeling refreshed.

4) Break up your day into different tasks. Doing the same thing all day can get boring, not to mention make it easy to lose focus. Schedule blocks of time for certain tasks then move on to other assignments. If you don’t finish everything, you can always come back later.

5) Have a positive attitude. This goes back to mindset. Sure, sometimes you would rather be laying out at the pool, but make the most of you summer situation. When you are happy at work, and happy to those around you, time will move faster and your time in the office will be more enjoyable.





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