Top Party Themes You Will Encounter During Your Collegiate Career

Going to parties and being social are things that are sure to happen during your collegiate career. You are also sure to run into these top party themes, and you do not want to miss out. Whether you are in a fraternity or sorority having a mixer, on a sports team, live in a house on or off campus, or just simply like to hang out and party at these houses at your school, you are guaranteed to have a great time at these parties. Below are the top themed parties you are sure to encounter:


This is without a doubt one of the most popular theme parties of all time. This theme consists of people dressing up and wrapping themselves in most likely sheets. Usually there are some clothes underneath the fabric so you can attach your toga to.

This is a good way to either kick off the fall semester or end the spring semester. If you happen to do it in the fall semester it gives everybody a feel as if summer isn’t over. If you do it in spring semester you give everybody a little taste of what summer has to bring.

Foam parties have the potential to be all types of fun. With these themes any kind of clothes that are willing to get dirty and wet are preferable to wear. Depending on the party, there would be machines that just shoot at foam every few minutes. This is an extremely fun theme.

Black light/Graffiti
These kinds of parties are just flat out cool. You will most likely be told to wear a white shirt or some sort so that once you enter the party, whatever is drawn on it with highlighter will show. You can either decorate your shirt prior to the party or usually there are highlighters going throughout the party so you can write a message on a friend, or stranger’s shirt!

ABC – Anything But Clothes
This doesn’t have to be what it sounds like. An ABC party can be very fun to prepare for. The point is to not wear something like a normal t-shirt, or shorts. For instance I once taped an entire deck of cards to my tank top and basketball shorts. I was wearing clothes obviously but the point of the costume was that I was just a deck of cards. Garbage bags I’ve seen many times, that is probably the easiest costume to create. All you really have to do for that is cut a whole for your head and your arms, and costume is complete!

High school Stereotypes
This is a fun mixer because it’s almost like Halloween. It’s like Halloween because you get to dress up as something that you are not. Or you can dress like you did in high school and follow that stereotype. Jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, anything you can think of that you are high school stereotypes you can dress as. This is a fun theme for sure.


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