Unusual Fat Burning Activities

Working out has never been more fun. Though going to the gym might help you shed those pounds faster and easier in the long run, there are a wide variety of activities you partake in naturally and burn calories while doing so—without even breaking a sweat!

1.     Chew Gum

 This one kind of goes hand in hand with eating celery. Chewing on some Orbit will burn about 11 calories per hour. So, basically, if you chew from 8 am to 8 pm, you’ll burn roughly 132 calories. Plus, this activity leaves your breath as fresh as a sprig of mint.

2.     Do Your Homework

Did you know simply using your brain could burn calories? Thinking or concentrating on your homework, studying for a test, work for an internship, or any brain-powered activity can burn around 110 calories per hour! In a related category, if you spend a lot of time reading, you can burn 75 calories in an hour. And if you fidget while you work, you’ll see an increase in calories burned each hour—even as much as a bike ride. So, stop procrastinating and get to work!

3.     Pucker Up

Just the excuse you kissing fiends have been looking for! In 15 minutes of kissing, you can burn anywhere from 12 to 30 calories depending on your weight. So, the longer you kiss the more calories you burn…and if you tack on chewing gum to prepare for your kiss fest, it looks like a pretty good day for your bod!

4.     Drive Around Town

Yup, you don’t have to ride your bike to school to burn calories. When you drive your car, you can burn 120 calories per hour. But remember, if you’re snacking in the car while doing so, add instead of subtract those calories. And for those of you who couldn’t guess it, riding your bike would definitely burn more calories—unless you drive 5 hours to and from school every day.

5.     Get Fidgety

I just realized I must burn 100s of calories every day since I fidget non-stop in class. Bouncing your legs, drumming your fingers on your desk, picking at your nails, playing with your hair—however you fidget, you’re also burning calories. People who fidget burn up to 10 times more calories than those  who can keep their body parts under control, and they can even burn up to as many calories as people who jog or swim twice each week. See, Mom, there are benefits to my fidgety ways so no, I will not sit still.

6.     Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere

By cleaning your house, you can burn a ton of calories! Vacuuming every square inch of your place for an hour can leave you 225 calories lighter. Scrubbing your counter tops will also burn 225 calories every hour. For those of you who can’t stand the thought of cleaning for an hour, you can burn 77 calories after mopping for 15 minutes or 38 calories from washing the dishes for 15 minutes. If you stay dedicated to this “exercise” regimen, your apartment will never look better.

So, now you have an excuse to not exercise every day. But keep in mind, if you add lunges while you’re mopping or some cardio when you can’t stop fidgeting, the results will be much better.

Have fun “working out” everyone!


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