Volunteering Within Your Community

Everyone looks forward to summer vacation – you finally have free time to catch up on some much needed sleep, lay out by the pool, read for fun, and make a little extra cash with an internship or part-time job. As wonderful as this all sounds those last three weeks of the semester when homework is abundant and finals are looming around the corner, having a lot of free time can get really old – fast. As college students, we are accustomed to filling in every second of the day with something to do. Just because the academic part of the school year has ended for a good three months, doesn’t mean that you can’t still be involved in those extracurricular activities that make your college experience so rewarding.  Getting involved within your community during the summer months can be a great way to fill some free time, meet some new people, and have a helping hand in improving the lives of others.

Getting involved in an off campus organization can be rewarding to both yourself as well as the organization. In fact, many non profits rely on the help of college students to help them gain access to a large number of people that in turn allow them to achieve their goals. Depending upon the organization you volunteer for, you could do anything from building homes for those in need through organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, to becoming a role model for a child and ultimately changing their life for the better through programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. Regardless of your interests, there are multiple organizations out there that are making a positive impact in the community, and are looking for your help.

Your involvement doesn’t have to be limited to the summer. Becoming involved in an off campus organization poses a great leadership opportunity for you, while also providing the organization increased exposure to a college campus full of young and enthusiastic individuals. Getting your friends involved and remaining active in the organization once school resumes is a great way to spend your free time, and your involvement in such organizations will have a lasting impact that may shape your future career goals and dreams.

For a list of organizations that are looking for volunteers in your local community check out www.volunteermatch.org. What organizations have you volunteered for? Let us know!

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