Your Weekly Exercise: Pull Downs

What are Lat Pull Down? Pull downs are a back exercise, specifically focusing on the upper back, the lats.

Instructions: There are different variations of pull downs including close grip, medium grip, wide grip, overhand, or even backhand. The wider your go the bigger your back will get. You want to first sit down at the machine with your knees tightly placed underneath the grip that keeps you secure to pull down. Set your weight and grab the bar. As I stated before you can grip it however you want close, medium, wide, overhand, or backhand. You grip the bar tightly as you bring it right down to your chest. Slowly let the bar go back up while still with a tight grip so you do not let go. Follow these steps bringing the bar down and letting it go back up. As always do whatever repetitions are good for you. A spotter isn’t necessary but it could always be beneficial especially because if you are having a hard time bringing the weight down.

Primary Muscles Worked: Upper Back/Lats

Secondary Muscles Worked: Biceps

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