What Makes You Mad On Campus?

Campus can be a beautiful thing. Scenery, students, sports, new buildings. But then there are the offices, public safety, the professors that never get back to you, the fire alarms that shouldn’t be going off, or even the construction that is either happening right outside your window, or somewhere that construction should not be happening. These are all just a few things that get me angry on campus, as I’ll go into detail to describe what exactly is wrong with these things.

–        The Offices

These office workers can be very nice people at times, or they can be just as cranky as any of us can be. Let’s face it though, they are normal people. We can’t look at them when they do something wrong as if they have five heads. Then there are the things that they are doing that just shouldn’t be happening. One thing is just not doing their job at all. Having an office job, and I hate to assume, but I assume you should know almost everything about the office you are working in including times and things of this nature. Not knowing information or just flat out not doing your job does not make me happy on campus.

–        Public Safety

Let me first start off by saying I am not the biggest fan of public safety. There are times when I sit there and say okay, they are doing their job. Then there are other times when I can sit there and say there is absolutely no reason for them to be doing what they are doing. There are certainly things on campus that can be out of hand, and that is where public safety should be first. Again, they are doing their jobs but there are things on campus that are much more important than having that one extra person in your dorm room putting you over the limit.

–        Construction/Fire Alarms

Construction is a must when it comes to anything that needs upgrading and expanding. So no problems there, unless of course they pick the absolute worst time to do these things. College students need sleep, which is the most obvious thing in this article so let us sleep, please. I am talking about fire alarms here. I understand the fire alarms that happen because somebody burnt their popcorn, wait no I don’t, but the nine AM alarms that are mandatory should be switched to two PM. I have also seen construction being done in parking lots mid semester in which you would either need to take a complete opposite way to get their or just simply not get there at all.

–        Professors, or at least some Professors

I have had some excellent Professors throughout my college career; there isn’t any doubt about that. Some professors I can even go back to, or even email when I need help in other subjects and that is great. But then there are the evil professors. The ones that do not care what your grade is, the ones that just won’t email you back and you don’t know why. The professors that will give you attitude, and there is nothing you can do about it because they are professors and you are just a student. You are guaranteed to have those professors a few times in your collegiate career, and all I can say about that is good luck!