What To Do On Your Free Weekend Home

It isn’t Thanksgiving or Christmas break where you have to load up at least a quarter of your college life to bring home with you. You (hopefully) don’t have to endure all your relatives awkwardly asking you to justify your major. No, this is a much needed break, a mini-vacation from your roommate who’s starting to get on your nerves, the increasing demands of your professors, and the unsatisfying campus food. You’re home for the weekend with your family and your puppy you missed cuddling with. So, what should you do?

Plain, Old-Fashioned Chit Chat
Even if you’re one of those children who dutifully calls their parents every week and skype your sister every so often, nothing beats having a big catch up conversation with the Fam. You can vent to them about all the things you bottle up at school: how your roommate refuses to change the toilet paper even if it means having to bring leaves into the bathroom, how your ex is giving you the stink eye in class, the unfair grading of your teacher. Your family won’t judge you, but will actually give sympathy. And it never hurts to get the dish on the hot neighbor you expect to run into during the summer. Family gossip is the best kind of gossip, and it will melt your stress away in a snap.

Fix Your Food Cravings
Have a favorite restaurant or three at home? It is mandatory you go to at least one of them during your mini-break. Maybe a younger friend from high school wants to catch up and can go with you. You could make it part of a sibling day. However you go about it, just make it happen. Don’t deny your tummy that unbeatable lasagna from your local Italian restaurant. It’s a vacation! There’s time to work out later.

TV and Movie Round-Up
While at college, it can be hard to balance class, your favorite TV shows, hanging out with friends, doing homework, getting to the movie theater before it’s no longer playing, and ahhh! There’s always so much to do in so little time. During this weekend of playing catch up and relaxing, watch some of your shows you missed or go see a movie with your favorite actor you’ll never have time to see in the busy weeks of school ahead. It’s simple, relaxing and allows you to simultaneously snuggle with your beloved pet and splurge on popcorn while you laugh, cry, or simply feel at peace to be rotting your brain again.

Soak in the Homeliness
Have some adventures in your hometown. Even if you live in the boring suburbs—I am right there with ya—there’s always something happening. A new exhibition at the art museum, some kind of local charity event (which are always a lot more fun than they sound), a hike at the park, anything. Boring towns are only boring when you don’t look hard enough for something going on. Boredom isn’t an option during this small problem-free weekend. Dig through the local paper, have your family plan some activities ahead of time, and then immerse yourself in your hometown.

Nothing says home sweet home like family, town activities and mama approved meals.


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