What’s Your Strategy Towards Note Taking in a College Classroom?

There are multiple ways in which college students pay attention in class, there are also different ways in which college students take notes. Some students simply have a photographic memory (which is unfair) and do not even have to take notes. Then there are students like myself who need to write everything they hear down so that they can go back and study. What kind of note taker are you?

–        Read and Revise Given Notes

Some professors give out printed notes to students. They may even attach notes in emails, or through websites given through the school. I was given this opportunity during the fall semester, and I first thought it was great. I didn’t have to write a single thing down, and I figured I can just go back to the dorm, revise the information, and I’ll be fine. That wasn’t the case. I feel that it is much harder to retain the information when the notes are done for you. Many other students love this strategy though. It’s a lot more organized and all that’s needed is a little review.

–        Notes Through Electronic Device i.e. iPad, Laptop

Taking notes through your laptop is a great idea. Or is it? Many of my professors actually do not allow any electronic devices in class, which to me, does not make sense but you have to abide by the rules. But does taking notes on your electronic device help you more, or less? I feel there are pros and cons of this tactic. The pros are that your notes will be absolutely organized. For me, my note taking tends to be very messy so taking notes on my computer is a great thing. You are also less prone to missing notes considering typing is a lot faster than most people’s handwriting. The cons are things such as Facebook and Twitter, which students tend to lean on more when an electronic device is around, rather than taking notes.

–        Notebook and Pen

Then there is the traditional note taking strategy in which you listen to your professor and write it down. This, I believe is the best way to go about taking notes. I feel as if you can customize however you want these notes to be. You can write whatever you like to get it through your head, and on top of that I believe that it is known fact when you write things down they stick in your head more. Of course when you are using an electronic device you are technically writing it down as well, but I don’t think it has the same impact as when you put pen to paper.