Why Pets Should be Allowed in the Dorms

Pets should be allowed in college dorms. Pets are your companion and your protector. The only reasons I can think of for why pets aren’t allowed in the dorms currently are pet allergies among roommates, the messiness of a pet, and possibly liability issues. I think that when students apply for campus living they should include any pet allergies they have and then they should not be roomed with someone who is planning on having that type of pet. Obviously whatever mess your pet creates would be your responsibility to clean up. Along with that responsibility would come another which includes making sure your pet is behaving and not a threat to you or any other student.

The main argument for pets being allowed into dormitories is the fact that pets are our friends. If I were allowed to bring my dog to college it would be great! I would come home to that happy bark and those dependent eyes and I would be so happy to have him there. Whenever I needed a quick pick me up him could do the trick. Although I obviously know that my friends could give me a pick me up as well, no one is quite like a good dog. The thing about a dog is they’re great listeners and they never interrupt. J

Another huge point is that pets are our protectors. I feel 100X safer when my dog is at home with me. I do not like being alone in my house especially at night. There have also been cases with armed robberies in dorm rooms and I know that with a “guard dog,” nobody would mess with me! I’d feel safer when alone, definitely, if my dog were one of my roommates. I think allowing pets would decrease campus crime overall and it would add a special touch to campus that students usually only get when they’re at home.

In conclusion, pets should be allowed on campus because there is no good reason why they shouldn’t. I’m sure many of us would love to come home to our dorm and have our favorite pet waiting there for us. I know allowing pets on campus would make my home feel homier and it would make me feel safer when alone. Pets should definitely be allowed in the dorms.

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