The “No Time” Workout Routine

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You force yourself out of bed, your toes reluctantly coming awake as you prepare to get up and embark on another long journey through campus – from Starbucks, to class, and then on to the gym. Sound familiar? The daily routine of a college student can be exhausting. Whether you’re an undergraduate or have already embarked on a pre-professional path, good health is essential to your peace of mind. However, many put their physical well-being and their workout routine on the back burner for school success due to a simple lack of time. In fact, this is the most common excuse you will receive from someone who has begun slacking on his or her workout routine.

Although it can be difficult, you can’t make excuses! To be successful you need to first be healthy. Simple at-home workout routines can be interesting and efficient. Many individuals think that expensive equipment or a costly gym membership is necessary to get a perfect bod and stay healthy. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The “no time” excuse is also easily disputed. An effective workout routine does not depend on how long it is – but rather, on its intensity and execution. A 20-minute at-home workout that engages your whole body and challenges you will burn just as many calories as an hour spent on a treadmill staring at the hot guy standing in front of you. Just remember, how are you supposed to go to class and be successful in school if you’re sick all the time? Regular exercise improves the function of your immune system and will help you stay at your best so you can always do your best.

If you’re looking for a time-saving alternative or simply hate going to the gym at busy “rush” times, consider constructing an effective at home workout plan that will get you sweating and keep you healthy. Sometimes you really do benefit from staying home!

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