Your Weekly Exercise:The Elliptical Machine, Cardio

What is the Elliptical Machine? The elliptical machine is a great alternative cardio wise to the treadmill, the bike, and the stair master. It is a great workout. Some people prefer the treadmill, or the bike, but for me I actually do prefer the elliptical.

Instructions: Be prepared as you would for any other workout, or cardio exercise you may be doing. Have your feet positioned correctly on the two grips they have for you to run on. The next thing you must do is set what speed you want to run. There are all types of programs you can use on elliptical such as high speed on a lower level, leaving it easier for you to pedal. You can even do lower speed while having it at a higher level. You can enter doing quick start as well. Other programs on many elliptical consist of exercises such as hills in which it gradually gets harder and easier as if you were running up and down a hill, or a mountain. There are fat loss programs in which will give you different levels, and different speeds as well. All these programs are for you to choose. You set your time, set your speed, set your level and be prepared to burn some major calories.

Primary Muscles Worked: This actually works a lot of muscles in different ways. It works the calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even arms when you use the side handles. 


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